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Testimonials from Winnipeg Birth Doula, Photography & Videography Clients

Like most pregnant women (and especially first-time mamas), I had my share of anxiety about what labour and delivery would actually be like. I knew I wanted to try to have a natural, drug-free birth, yet prepared myself for the varying stages of interventions that were possible. I’m the kind of person who likes to do a ton of research, and part of that was going through articles, posts, photos and videos of lots of different kinds of birthing experiences—vaginal, caesarean, at home, in hospital, drug free, with pain management, successful pregnancies, miscarriages and stillbirth. The stories were beautiful, joyful, terrifying, heartbreaking, powerful, raw and most of all inspiring and centering.

Hiring Catherine as our Birth Photographer and Videographer and Doula was a necessity for me. I knew that no matter the journey and the outcome of my experience, I wanted it captured. The good, the bad, the blood, the sweat, the tears of joy and of pain. I wanted to be able to look at moments of my labour as it happened in reality, to see myself there in those moments, to see my husband, to see our baby. To own those moments, to have them forever—whether it was just the start of our life as a family, or, if things went terribly wrong, just some of the precious few moments we would have. Having all that AND the extra support of a doula, who could help me advocate for myself, who knew what to expect in terms of procedures, who was a calming and confident presence was even better.

Knowing that we would have those moments captured and that support present made a huge difference in how I approached my labour. I was able to feel confident in the changes to our birth plan. I could relax and concentrate on myself and my body. I could be in the moment without worry.

There were a lot of blissful moments that were made even better because I can relive them vividly, and the scary ones I was able to recover from because of Catherine’s constant and incredible support. And I am so excited to share them with everyone, because I know how much it helped me to see the realness of birth—in living colour. To see women, their partners, their families, midwives and doulas, nurses and doctors, working together to bring life into the world. To see the joy on every mother’s face when she finally gets to hold her little one—regardless of the journey that brought them to that moment. To see the raw power and beauty of women birthing…

Having Catherine there made my birth experience even more beautiful and empowering, and her help before, during and after the birth helped make our family better. Thank you, Catherine, from the bottom of our hearts

~ Janelle D

Catherine went SO far beyond my expectations I recommend her to anyone looking into birth photography. If you’re hesitating about price-don’t. It is so so so worth it and you get the most invaluable gift. She is calm, quiet and unobtrusive and will work with whatever vision you have for your birth (and will stand by you if things don’t go as planned!). I can’t stress enough how much she went above and beyond. She will be the second person I’m calling my next pregnancy- right after the midwife 🙂

~Lauren H

Catherine is amazing, her personality is uplifting, beautiful and inspiring. She brings a positive and calm energy into any room.

I knew I wanted my last baby’s birth to be extra special ( i had a midwife for 1st time and planned a home birth, i also wanted a mother blessing and I wanted to capture as much as possible). We 1st met for coffee and Jon and I knew we made the right decision!! we just all clicked and that was important to us!! we left that meeting feeling energized and recharged from her aura her energy!!

Catherine hosted and captured my mother blessing special! It was so nice and calm how she hosted the event! and I used many elements from this mother blessing during my labour.

Even though Catherine wasn’t hired as my doula we stayed connected and she was very supportive and answered many of my questions or concerns that I had.

She then captured our 4th birth and 1st home birth the pictures are so beautiful!! she was an awesome addition to our support team, she brought a extra calmness to our space and I didn’t feel any stress or anxiety behind her lens, honestly I didn’t notice her camera! I wanted it to be special and she provided that!! she captured all those moments that I don’t remember exactly, those moment of birth that I don’t get to see, like birth itself, facial expressions of others and so on.. She also returned to captured our family photos a few weeks after including our 1st herbal bath !! My children were so comfortable with her. Her work is amazing and growing at every opportunity. Our family cant wait to have pictures taken again!!

~Rhonda F

We had the pleasure of having Catherine as our birth photographer and will absolutely have her again in the future. She is so kind and supportive while capturing breath taking images. I am so beyond thankful to be able to look back at my labour and delivery. It brings me right back and I know exactly what I was feeling with each image. It’s even amazing to see some things that I had forgot took place with how fast things can happen.

Catherine went above and beyond for us by driving out to our home in Pine Falls for our newborn lifestyle session and even giving us studio time in the city when we couldn’t get a few shots I had my heart set on.

I will absolutely be giving Catherine a call in the future and cannot wait to work with her again!! Thank you for the beautiful images of my new family!!

~Ashley H

It was truly amazing to see my labor and deliver from a different perspective. I had my eyes closed in deep meditation most of the time so I missed everyone else’s reactions and emotions. It all happened so fast that my memory of this special time is kind of a blur and this is why I will forever be grateful to Catherine for being able to capture this amazing experience in my life. She was able to capture it in such a beautiful way that I will treasure these pictures for my entire lifetime. Every time I look through the birth gallery it brings me right back to that night that my beautiful baby girl was brought into this world. Thank you so much Catherine for sharing your love and talent, you are truly amazing at what you do!

~Tarla J

As a doula myself, I knew as soon as we started planning our birth that I wanted a doula and a photographer there. To me, your birth days are just as important as your wedding day, and the people you surround yourself with, and the memories you take from that day, will stay with you forever. Which is why I felt extremely blessed to know right away who it was that I wanted at my birth, and even more blessed when she agreed.

I’ve known Catherine for several years as parents, and was lucky enough to take a doula training course with her last fall. Since then we have acted as backups for each other, and it has meant the world to me to have her as a doula sister, knowing that she held the same trust and awe in birth that I did, Catherine truly understands not just the basic mechanics of birth, but the holistic reality that birth is a spiritual and deeply emotional event as well.
With this being my third baby, I didn’t have many questions or concerns about the physical side of pregnancy or birth. I knew my body could and would birth a baby successfully, and I felt confident in the team my husband and I had surrounded ourselves with. But I was surprised in the last weeks by how much I still leaned on Catherine, and took comfort in her wisdom and encouragement. And when the time came to make calls for the birth, it was the one to her that I was most excited about.

We were able to have a wonderful waterbirth at home, and Catherine’s sure, calming presence throughout kept both my husband and I centered. And the photos she took of the occasion will be treasured and revisited countless times over the years, of this I am sure. Catherine was able to switch seamlessly between acting as my photographer, and holding space for me as my doula when she could see that I needed the extra reassurance. I absolutely cannot imagine my birth experience without her.

I urge you, if you are on the fence and considering a doula and/or a photographer. Get one. Take the plunge. Do what it takes to ensure you are supported as well as I was on one of the most important days of your life.

~Janine B

Catherine was our Doula and birth photographer and was absolutely amazing!! I cannot say enough about her support through my pregnancy and birth. Catherine’s experience and encouragement helped me find the confidence in myself and my body to successfully VBAC my baby boy.
It is obvious Catherine loves what she does. Her positive presence can completely change the room.
I also highly recommend her birth photography. Her photos are full of emotion and take you right back to the incredible moment of meeting your little one.

~Janine D

Catherine is amazing! She not only stayed for my 13 hour labour into the wee hours of the morning but she did it with immense support and a smile on her exhausted face the whole time! She was there every step of the way, from leading up to and at the labour, she goes above and beyond and I would recommend her to anyone considering a birth photographer!!!

~Lanna E

Catherine recently attended the birth of our third child as doula and birth photographer. I was a bit hesitant about having birth photography but she was so respectful of my wishes and requests. This is our third child, and the only one I have birth photography of and professional pictures immediately after. I will treasure the pictures forever, they really are amazing. It is also so great to have pictures of my husband, instead of him having to be the one behind the camera immediately after birth. Thank you, Catherine, for sharing your gift of photography during such an intimate and special moment!

~Charlin B

Catherine met us at the hospital to do our Fresh 48 pictures. They are everything we hoped they would be! She captured a very special moment in time for us and words cannot express how thankful we are for that. We love that these pictures can be shared with our families who live far away who were unable to be there with us to greet our new son. Catherine was wonderful to work with and very thoughtful and kind!

~Jestine K

Catherine took photos of a very special and intimate day for me, my mothers blessing. I have worked with a considerable amount of photographers, and what I loved most about Catherine is her energy while photographing. She was so calm and relaxing, photos never felt staged or forced. She was quietly in the background taking the most amazing candid photos, which so intently captured the height of emotion and beauty that day. These photos are something I will cherish forever and I am sooo thankful I have them.

~ Sarah C

I never in a million years thought i would want pictures of birth but Catherine captured some absolutley magical shots that i will cherish forever. I never even noticed her taking pictures she was so discreet in the way she captured such precious moments for us. She seamlessly combined her roles as my doula and photographer and supported me through one of the most intense experinces of my life..I can’t even begin to describe what it was like to feel so supported!! I will be forever greatful for you Cat and am sooooo glad you were with us for Ella’s birth!!! ❤

~ Sarah P

Catherine took pictures in the hospital right after the baby was born. They were beautiful and I got them very quickly. A memory captured. Thank you so much!

~Irene S