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David’s Selkirk Hospital Birth Story

David's Birth Story Lisa reached out to me early in her third pregnancy to inquire about Birth Photography. I remember receiving the sweetest message from her. Her words were bursting full of so much [...]

Winnipeg Birth Doula, Photographer + Videographer
You’ll tell your story again and again.

You’ll tell it while catching up with an old friend over a cup of tea. You’ll tell it while cradling the phone in your hand, to loved ones who wish they could be there to celebrate with you. You’ll share it with other mothers, bonding over the incredibly special, yet unifying experience of birth. You’ll whisper it to yourself in those dark, quiet moments when you need to be reminded just what you’re capable of.

And one day, you’ll tell it to your little one—their warm body snuggled up close to yours, their sweet face turned up to look at you, asking “Mama, how did I get here?”

You’ll pull out a book filled with beautiful photos, put on their birth movie, and tell your child a story of longing, wonder, courage, amazement and joy. When you first realized that life was beginning inside you. The sudden flutter of tiny feet. The lovely curve of your growing belly. The incredible connection between you and your birth partner. The moments that felt like they would never end, and the ones that you wished never would. The raw strength of your body and mind as they worked together to bring your baby earthside. The pure glow of love when you first met your little one. The intimacy of your family’s first days at home.

The journey to motherhood is a story you are writing not only for your family and your child, but also for yourself. A story filled with moments that pass by before you can even realize just how precious they are.

As your birth doula, photographer and videographer, I’ll be there to capture your story on film. Those sacred moments of pregnancy, birth and motherhood will be preserved so you can relive the experience—and tell your story again and again.

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