Lifestyle Photography

What does lifestyle mean?

In all my photography whether that be a family session, a newborn session or even a maternity session I aim to incorporate unposed, organic and honest real life moments and activities. Moments and memories just as they happen naturally.

I capture your family authentically in spaces that are comfortable to you. Natural smiles and natural laughter. Images that you and your family can look back upon for years and years to come. Images that capture so much more than just a “say cheese” smile.

Do you pose us?

My sessions typically have some “light”posing but posing is not the focus of the session. Lets get together at a location that is fun, I bring my camera(s) and lets go explore, play and have fun. I don’t want to force anyone, especially kids, into sitting perfectly still and acting out a smile. My goal is for you all to look back upon your session as a great experience. After all, every single time you look at the images you will be reminded of that day and time in your lives. Why not look back upon it as a fun memory and not a forced one?





If you’re interested in booking a lifestyle session or have more questions I would love to hear from you.


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