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Birth Story Photography is my specialty and I am so thrilled that you are here and interested in hiring me to document one of the most important days of your life. I put together some reading for you here to hopefully answer some of the questions you may have.

birth photography faq’s

why hire a birth photographer?

Birth is one of the most important, most beautiful and most transformative experiences you will experience in life. The day your baby is born can never be recreated and the memories are ones that will be cherished forever. Birth Photography is the very first gift you will give your baby and one that will only increase in value with time. Additionally, Birth Photography is also a gift that can be shared with siblings, grandparents and extended family too.

ok ok I am interested but how does this all work?

I join you at your birth, day or night and capture your story every step of the way. My focus is on the love and connection between you, your partner and your baby. I will capture the big moments and all the small ones in-between. I love the big details that you might remember and I also love all the small details that without imagery will be easily forgotten or missed. I will capture the moments you close your eyes to rest and the moments your power is shining so bright. I will capture the way your partner supports you and cares for you. I will capture the feeling, the mood and the energy of the space. When baby arrives I will be there to capture all the firsts. First looks, first breath, first cry, first time opening eyes, first latch, cord cutting…. the firsts go on and on and often there is a first kiss between parents too! I am there for 1-2 hours after birth to capture all the freshest moments….The way yours and your partners eyes light up with love and admiration for this new little life you created and just met, the quiet skin to skin moments, the newborn exam, their perfect tiny fingers, tiny toes and so much more.

is birth photography for us?

Yes it is. It really is for everyone. I document all births whether they are planned for home, birth centre or hospital. All birth stories are so incredibly beautiful. Let me tell the story of your baby’s birth by using my art and creating beautiful professional images.

can you tell me a bit more about what makes you a professional?

I attend your birth with only one purpose and one agenda. I use my skills, creativity and years of experience to capture and create beautiful and professional images that tell the story of one of the most important days of your lives. I am completely committed to you and I guarantee that I will show up to your birth whether it be day or night. In the rare event that something prevents me from attending your birth I have an equally professional backup photographer already arranged. It has taken me years of learning, growing, practice, research, workshops and of course dedication and passion to be ready to launch my business offering Birth Photography professionally. I am comfortable with all birth whether it is hospital, home or birth centre. I am passionate and dedicated to my work and I pour my heart into documenting this day for you. I carry professional equipment including 2 professional camera bodies and numerous lenses. I am also a registered business and carry insurance.

how long have you been offering your services and how many births have you attended?

I started my business back in 2015 and have been attending births in and around Winnipeg ever since. I have attended more than 50 beautiful births. I have experience with Winnipeg home births, Winnipeg Birth Centre births, Winnipeg Women’s Hospital, St Boniface Hospital, Steinbach (Bethesda), Selkirk Hospital and rural home births. I have attended water births, hypnobirths, inductions, cesarean births and VBACS – basically all births. I believe all births are so beautiful, so powerful and so very worthy of being documented.

when do you go call on and what exactly does this mean?

I go on call when you are 37 weeks pregnant and stay on call right until it is baby time. Once I am on call for you my phone is on 24/7. I am not more than 1 hour away from your planned place of birth and I am not participating in activities that could prevent me from attending your birth.

when do you arrive?

I aim to arrive when you are in established active labour. We will keep in touch in early labour and mutually determine when it’s the right time for me to make my way over to you.

how long do you stay?

I stay for approximately 1-2 hours post birth. I will be there to capture all those first fresh moments as well as the newborn exam.

how many images do you deliver and when do i receive them?

Every birth and birth story is unique but generally I deliver between 75-125 personally hand edited digital images. I send over a few sneak peek within 48 hours of birth. Your finally gallery will be ready by the time baby is 6 weeks. Every client that books for full birth story photography will receive a beautiful branded wood USB in a keepsake box with their entire gallery safely stored.

will you share the images on social media?

I love to share beautiful images of birth but if you prefer to keep some or all images private I will always respect your wishes. Every single image you have seen of my work has been pre-approved for sharing. You may have noticed that I am not sharing images or blogging births for weeks after baby has arrived. This is because enjoying your new baby and settling into your new groove is so much more important than reviewing images. When you’re feeling ready just let me know. I do always send over a few sneak peeks within 48 hours of birth so you can use these images to announce your new addition online and share with family and friends as you wish. If you permit me to share some of these great I would of course love to.

do you offer doula care alongside birth photography?

Yes I do! I am also a trained and experienced Doula and if you would like to hire me for both services I would be absolutely honoured to be your Doula too. Having said that I am also always very excited when clients hire both a Doula and a Birth Photographer so if you prefer to have two separate professionals at your birth this team environment works beautifully too. Looking for a Doula referral? I would be more than happy to refer you to trusted Doulas that I have working relationships with and trust immensely.

when should i book?

As soon as you’re ready! I usually hear from clients in their first trimester however I have had some people book very last minute. If I am fully booked for their birth month I love to refer on to other Birth Photographers I work closely with. I take 2-3 clients per month on a first come first serve basis. A retainer holds your place on my calendar.

how can I book you right now?

Please fill out my contact form and I will get in touch and confirm my availability for your due date and collect a few more details from you. From there I will email a digital contract for you to review and sign, collect your retainer and voila the spot on my calendar is yours. Easy peasy! We will then make a plan to meet in your third trimester to go over everything in person.

can i meet you first?

Absolutely! Please fill out the form below and lets set up a date soon to meet.

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