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Doula Care

Winnipeg Doula Care Services

Your Birth Doula package includes:

Two private birth preparation sessions lasting 1 to 3 hours. We will cover it all from pregnancy to birth to new baby and beyond. These sessions can be a great addition to a childbirth education class or an alternative to attending childbirth classes altogether.

Unlimited phone and email contact.

On call Doula availability 24 hours a day 7 days a week starts at the beginning of your 37th week of pregnancy. Available for emotional and informational support at the onset of labour.

Continuous Doula labour support begins from the time that active labour is determined and through early postpartum period.

One postpartum home visit lasting one to two hours for processing labour experience, breastfeeding support, emotional and informational support. I can also assist with babywearing, baby care questions and even answer questions about cloth diapering!

As your Doula, I am working for you, not your caregiver or hospital. Throughout our relationship I will provide the following to the best of my ability:

  • Emotional support, massage and other non-pharmacological pain relief measures throughout labour and in the early postpartum period.
  • Positioning suggestions during labour/birth and helping to support partner and/or other members of the birth team to support and encourage you.
  • An experienced and objective viewpoint.
  • Assistance in obtaining information in order to make informed decisions.
  • To facilitate communication between you (the couple) and healthcare providers.
  • Suggestions and techniques to enhance labour and ease pain.
  • Breastfeeding support postpartum.
  • Baby wearing support postpartum.
  • Access to my lending library during pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Birth Pool rental – subject to availability
  • Tens Machine rental – subject to availability
  • Package pricing on Birth Story Photography

 Services Not Provided

  • Medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
  • Decisions for or on your behalf.

I also offer Professional Birth Photography & Fresh 48 Sessions. If you are interested in combining Doula Services & Photography Services I can work out a custom package to best suit your needs.

Find out more about Birth Photography here.

Doula Care + Private Birth Preparation Investment~$1200

A 50% deposit is due at time of booking. This secures your place on my calendar and is non-refundable. Balance is due prior to your 37th week of pregnancy.

Prices are subject to change. All prices include GST.


Winnipeg Doula Care Services
What are the benefits to having a birth doula?2019-06-26T21:02:46+00:00

This is your journey as new parents, and your Doula is there to guide your way and provide a comforting, normalizing presence as well as relief. Doulas recognize that childbirth is a transformative, important experience, and their presence at births is linked to better outcomes overall:

  • 31% decrease in the use of synthetic hormones used to augment or start labor
  • 28% decrease in the risk of a cesarean section
  • 12% increase of the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth
  • 9% decrease in the use of pain medications
  • 14% decrease in the risk of a newborn being admitted to a special care nursery
  • 34% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience(Source: Cochrane Review and
Do I need your services as a birth doula if my partner will be at my birth?2019-06-26T21:02:05+00:00

A Doula does not replace a partner at a birth, but rather supports him or her in their unique role. The partner knows the mother on an intimate level that could never be attained by the Doula. The Doula is a trained professional with an expertise and an understanding of childbirth, offering that knowledge as they work together to support the labouring mother. The Doula helps to assist the partner assist the labouring women. Additionally the Doula can offer breaks to the partner, help to reassure him/her about the process and empower them.

Do I need your services as birth doula if I’m planning on having an epidural?2019-06-26T21:01:27+00:00

Plans for an epidural do not diminish the need for emotional, physical, and informational support throughout childbirth. I am trained with physically supporting labours with epidurals, by keeping my clients comfortable and moving in the bed, as well as encouraging rest when needed.

Do need your services as a birth doula if I’m having a planned c-section?2019-06-26T20:58:28+00:00

There remain emotional and physical needs present at cesarean births, and I can help prepare you for your surgery and accompany you to the hospital on the big day you’ll be meeting your baby. I meet my clients upon arriving to the hospital and I re-join them in recovery to help facilitate skin-to-skin contact and initiate breastfeeding. There is the possibility that I will be able to accompany you into the operating room. I recommend discussing this in advance with your care provider. Typically one support person is permitted to attend but there have been circumstances where two have been allowed. I cannot advocate for this but you can.

Do I need your services as a birth doula if I have a midwife? Or what about the nurses in the hospital?2019-06-26T20:57:37+00:00

The primary role of care providers such as midwives and nurses is to focus on the clinical needs of the mother and baby, plus they change shifts as well as have other patients. The Doula is present continuously for the family throughout the labour and delivery. As your Doula I focus on emotional and physical support, as well as providing evidence-based information for decisions about your care, and work independently for the family.

What kind of birth settings do you support?2019-06-26T20:55:45+00:00

I offer support in the hospital, the birth center, and home births. I am an objective, non-biased source of support wherever you feel most comfortable birthing your baby.

What does a Birth Doula not do?2019-06-26T20:51:35+00:00

Birth Doulas do not perform clinical tasks such as cervical checks, fetal heart rate monitoring. Doulas do not speak to your provider on your behalf, nor do we make decisions about your care.

Find out more about me here. 


Winnipeg Doula Care Services

It’s hard to even put into words what it was like to have Cat as my doula. It all began when she hosted my mother blessing! A magical day surrounded by strong woman, yoga, a fire, good food, and some pretty beautiful rituals.

I truly experienced what it felt like to have someone hold space for me in both my blessing and birth!

Energetically she supported me by bringing such a calm, peaceful and trusting energy to my birthing space. She was always right beside me anticipating my needs before I was even aware of them, from giving me tinctures to labouraide, water, special stones, reading to me from my mother blessing, the list goes on and on. She just seamlessly fit in and supported me in every possible way.

When I began to lose hope and get frustrated I pulled on her trust of the process and pushed through! I ended up having my perfect little girl at home in the pool! To top It all off, Cat took incredible pictures to commemorate it all. She preserved those moments in time for us in some stunning photographs I will cherish always. 

I truly couldn’t recommend someone any more highly then I recommend Cat! She is truly gifted at supporting a woman in birth bc she trusts birth and is just an incredibly supportive and loving soul. I fear I will never be able to fully express my gratitude in words because the gravity of what we experienced together was just soooo meaningful to me. ❤❤❤❤

Sarah P.

Cat brought amazingly calm, loving and steadying energy to the birth of our daughter. She was supportive and it brought me a lot of comfort in having her there as birth can sometimes make men feel helpless. She was incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and she definitely helped put my mind at ease. I will be forever grateful for her having been there for us.

Ty P.

I had the pleasure of having Catherine with me during the birth of my first baby. Not only was she a great support system for myself, but also for my fiancé. She helped us both through the very long night and helped me to achieve my goal of an unmedicated birth. She was a calming presence and a knowledgable resource and I don’t think my birth would have gone as smoothly as it did without her there. I, unfortunately, was unable to have a midwife for my birth so was forced to go to the hospital and in turn pressured to do many medical interventions I wanted to avoid. I’m so happy Catherine was there to give her advice and share her past experiences which gave me the confidence to deny anything I was uncomfortable with. I look forward to having Catherine with me during the births of any future babies!

Samara S.

Thank you so much, Catherine, for being my Doula. Even though it was my second birth I cannot express how your support, positivity, and guidance have made such a big difference in my journey.

Irene S.

There are a few very special events that I hold very dear to my heart, and my mother blessing was one of them. Catherine hosted for me, and will never truly know the impact this had on my life and birth! I held on to a great deal of birth trauma from my previous birth, in which Catherine acknowledged and worked hard to personalize the day around this. Catherine and I had hardly known each other, but I felt as though it has been forever that day. She made me feel so safe, helped me grieve and gave me this inner strength that I had never felt before. It was such a powerful day, I remember leaving literally feeling like I was glowing, I was ready to take on the world!!!! A part of my heart healed that day, I cannot thank Catherine enough for that. I still have the birth affirmations, my necklace made by the amazing women at my mother’s blessing and the bracelets we all made in which kept us connected in my room. I look at them every day and smile, they help me get through tough days as I remember the energy and sense of protection that day brought to my life. You are so meant to do birth work, Catherine, thank you soooo much for all that you did for me!

Sarah C.